About Us

SIGNIA Marketing opened for business in September 2010. Right away, we had outstanding success and continue in that direction today by staying focused on Quality and Integrity in our client relationships.


Our Vision

The goal of SIGNIA Marketing is to provide our clients with top quality contact center services that provide the greatest chance of communicating with end customers.


Solutions & Results

SIGNIA Marketing offers a wide range of contact center services, including both inbound and outbound calls. We provide bilingual services in both English and Spanish.


Strategy for Success
Our strategy for success involves creating long term business relationships with fortune 500 clients, where quality and performance standards are top priority. We establish a "Best Practice" approach with our client relationships, and strive for resonance in our campaign execution. With our investment in our talented staff, we continually find ways to improve efficiency in our processes as our client relationships are developed.

With our focus on our clients, we strive to exceed your goals and expectations. SIGNIA Marketing has the people with the expertise to professionally service the needs of our clients and get the job done right and on-time, with a company-wide attitude of excellence and quality.